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Economists say the crisis, should learn Vipeak Heavy Industry

Many SMEs face of China's economic stake in the face of China's stock market has shrunk dramatically in the face of a large 10102011112107ber of substantial decline in export-oriented enterprises, and the collapse of many enterprises stop production; the face of China's foreign investment in huge losses and shrinking assets; face the world's emerging market economies (including China) under attack more and more obvious, in the grim reality of the market situation, how the state and enterprises will be kind of reaction, how the grim reality of situation, to meet new challenges?

The new situation, new ideas, new initiatives, new height, a new image, new world! Communication, efficiency, communication, service, study! Vico Heavy Industries from 2009 began to learn, self-enhancement!

February 3, we have the honor to invite well-known economist, Dean of Business School of Zhengzhou University, MBA Professor Liu Wei, director of economic analysis for us to do and analysis, as well as a key factor in business growth! Professor Liu with simple but yet wonderful, humorous and witty language, in simple terms to our analysis of the current financial crisis facing the global causes and effects. Ning, general manager of the total, the main leadership, the department managers and employees and hundreds of participants who listened carefully with Professor Liu's seminar, and has been a great inspiration!

Professor Liu talked about the international financial crisis had little impact for the individual, the common people there is no financial crisis obviously feeling! But the indirect impact is not small, since China joined WTO, foreign trade in China account for a large proportion of the economy, China has been able to maintain 10% growth for 30 years, rely on foreign trade! And the financial crisis is far-reaching, in 2009 there are many uncertain factors, but also very risky! And talked about China's economic rise depends on the emergence of a historic opportunity to seize the opportunity and ability, and neither is dispensable. Face of the U.S. financial crisis and economic recession, a major historical opportunity might be thanks to the widespread, today's China than any other country and any other time have the ability to seize this opportunity, which, whether national or our business should remain sober-minded.
Through lectures us about China's monetary system, banking system and capital market system is relatively independent. China's macro-and micro-economic fundamentals are still good. China's current fiscal and financial condition. China has huge domestic market development potential. Therefore, this global financial crisis on China, is not only a disaster, but also an important historic opportunity. As long as the core competitiveness of enterprises can have, there is a unique product and unique capabilities, a sound institutional and regulatory level, it can become a competitive business, we can in the whole of China, or even dominate the market around the world!

A successful enterprise, strong business, good business must be approved by the ups and downs since, from the market after the test, whether it is flat and wide boulevards or winding rugged ravines, can go is a real business! Throughout the industry, market, economic downturn, we believe that through the efforts of each of us we can stand to live feet, will be able to win.http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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