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Hammer crusher hammer life expectancy of the main points

Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. production of hammer crusher has a simple structure, easy removal, high efficiency, thin and uniform discharge, mechanical wear is small, more convenient maintenance and low energy consumption, production capacity is relatively Great features, especially the hammer selected high wear-resistant high-chromium alloy material, longer life.
Proper use and maintenance of science is to make equipment is always in good condition, an effective way to extend the life of the hammer. If the improper use and maintenance, not only prone to equipment failure, such as vibration, noise, heat, wear, and is bound to lead to reduced service life of the hammer.
Hammer crusher in daily use and maintenance should pay particular attention to the following:
1) According to the design type, proper control of the feed size, is prohibited beyond the design limits the size of the largest man-machine materials.
2) The appropriate choice of feeding equipment, such as the use of apron feeder or feeder for feeding, etc., to ensure uniform and stable feeding, avoid feeding uneven impact on the equipment and invalid operation.
3) The quality of casting error hammer, hammer the course should be based on the current situation, the eye down time, turn over, to make the operation of hammer wear and rotor balance.
4) Replace the new hammer is best for weighing, according to the average quality is divided into several groups, each of equal quality, or power of the rotor unbalance prone to vibration.
5) To check the parking and screening of the hammer between the screen and the screen of the gap between the bars, if necessary, adjust, and change them regularly screen bar. Because the hammer than the screen of the high cost of the new screen section of the screen compared with the old, the hammer more with the 4-5 classes.
6) hammer crusher hammer frame is steel material, less contact with the material, but to enter into a metal crusher liner off or when likely to cause damage or bend the hammer plate, then in time to change out, or tend to lose the hammer caused by vibration.
7) side hammer hammer frame and chassis side plate between the materials due to the impact, while more serious hammer wear plate, side plate in order to extend the life of the circle in the side panel near the side surface and side cladding the wear layer.
8) The operation of the friction, the spindle shaft at both ends is easy to wear, when installed at the shaft with two retaining sleeve to protect the shaft axis package.
9) bearing worn and withered to repair the whole time. Bearing wear size should generally be based on the new bearing scraping, shims thickness, so that it remains a reasonable gap to form an effective lubricant film.
Hammer crusher Caution:
    Hammer crusher has a simple structure, big crushing ratio, energy consumption, even the material for crushing various materials, light weight, easy operation and maintenance, etc., are widely used in building materials industry. However, hammer crusher hammer wear fast, life is short, as the aircraft's outstanding problems. Hammer crusher hammer wear failure are: the impact of small impact abrasion and cutting, a combination of erosion wear. Different conditions, different wear conditions. Therefore, in use should address the different factors, different friction reducing measures to extend the life of the hammer. Generally speaking, hammer crusher hammer improve life, not only manufacturers to deliberately ensure and improve the hammer material, mechanical performance and quality. And be sure to use the factory to pay attention to scientific selection, so that "due to material facilities Hammer", and the rational use and scientific management.From:http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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