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Safe operation of crusher equipment considerations
     Operation of any equipment needs to secure a solid backing, and now many manufacturers are in front of a big banner Huitie, safety first, the same way, the large 1019201195758ber of manufacturers in the operation must learn crusher equipment safety operating procedures, effective and safe operation of the machine, to create more for our produce greater benefits.
     Crusher equipment at work is running, the operator should seriously carry out inspections. Avoid the following points, which can better support work for the effective and efficient.
     1 prohibits individuals not wearing protective equipment: This is because the course work in crusher will produce noise and pollution, long-term if I cause any harm. While wearing protective equipment can reduce the harm to us.
     (2) prohibits the instructions do not look at: purchase of equipment after the first familiar with the equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.
     3 Check whether there is something inside the machine: crusher run before the first check whether there is good ore crushing cavity or other things. Because the crusher does not allow the load start, load startup will cause tripping or electrical parts damage.
     4 prohibit the use of unqualified power.
     5 is prohibited without power off the power: the process of using the device if a power outage, remember to be turned off, because suddenly calls it may be some harm. In addition, after the work is also necessary to develop the habit of turning off the power.
     6 machine to do the maintenance work: Crusher is a kind of large-scale equipment, long-term use can cause some wear and tear, so do regular maintenance on the machine.
     The basis of the above points, to comply with the above points, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and also able to protect its own security, to make equipment run more efficiently. Safe operation of machinery and equipment to ensure everyone's safety, improve work efficiency.http://www.infostonecrusher.com
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