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Artificial Sand making machine has promoted china economy
   In the 21st century, China's economic development was rapidly. The scale of production of a variety of ore metallurgy, construction, cement plants and other industries continue to expand, this trend has set off a wave of construction boom in the country. Everyone knows, the construction industry can not be separated from the sand making machine, it can be said that the top beam of construction. Sand mechanical become the support industries of national economy creation of effective, it is also a measure of an important symbol of a national industrial strength.
   Throughout the direction of economic development of China, sand making industry has a good development trend, and has become a traditional and new field of entrepreneurship. However, sand making industry in China compared with abroad, there is still a gap, and we must strive to be innovative, to shorten the gap. In that case, the Zhengzhou vipeak Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has accumulated many years experience in production, manufactured generations of sand making machine, from the PCL series to new type sand making machine, and now importing the foreign advanced technology, R & D to produce the third generation sand making machine - JYS / T new high efficiency sand making machine.
   In addition, China's economic development is also inseparable from the promotion and support of the government. The development of machinery industry has increased its importance. This has also become a new driving force of the sand mechanical development of the industry. Moreover, with the expansion of production scale of sand and metallurgical industries in recent years, the market space for sand making machine also will be more extensive, will become the pillar industry of national economy to create effective, so as to promote sustainable development.
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