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Post-maintenance of cone crusher

    Operations in the mining machinery, cone crusher selection and use is very important. However, post-maintenance is also important, because the only way to ensure the life of the machine. So, what are the precautions it? Here are some:
1) The cylindrical sleeve and the transition with the frame body of a third, in order to prevent the rotating bushing, upper bushing again into a zinc alloy tank, replace bushing should be the actual size of the frame body preparation, because breaker after a long period of work and handling the relationship with the inevitable result of the change. If the gap is too large will result in bush rupture.
2) the maximum to the ore crusher size allowed is equal to the mine mouth size (the maximum size of the ore block 85% to the mine mouth size) will cause: crusher to reduce production; crusher some parts of the damage. Breakers are not allowed to start the load, the load will start the accident.
3) cone-shaped bush with air eccentric shaft sleeve together to study, injection of zinc alloy to prevent the rotating sleeve, zinc alloy to be filled with all the space, due to thermal note the reason may result in zinc alloy sleeve deformation, so the new cone set of inspection dimensions d1, d2 and B, should be timely correction is not correct, manufacturing spare parts, diameter of the eccentric sleeve should be prepared to maintain the actual size of the original co-ordination.
4) the upper spring a. crusher beating occurred in the normal working hours, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, the causes and take measures to remove, if the mistake does not compress the spring not only work, but part of the damage that may occur because Compression spring will cause an increase in breaking force. Cause the upper crusher beat for several reasons: to mine the ore uneven or excessive; to the ore contains too many small pieces and powdered ore or humidity; port of discharge gap is too small. b. The role of the spring when the crusher is not broken into the material to protect the crusher is not damaged, so the spring pressure and crusher crushing force to adapt to the crusher in the spring when the work is not moving, just broken cavity into the crusher overload iron bearing units occur when lifting the spring is compressed phenomenon.
5) stop, you must first stop to the mining machine, and into the crushing chamber so that the ore has been broken after discharge, the crusher stop.
6) The crusher should always check the pressure and hydraulic locking system work station, identify problems in time. Bowl-bearing frame and use the key (sales) and fixed, if the work bowl found in the bearing frame and a gap must be processed immediately.
7) The ore must be allocated to the plate in the middle, does not permit the ore directly into the crushing chamber. Because it is easy to make crusher overload, the liner wear unevenly. The right to mine conditions are: ore evenly distributed through the distribution plate in the crushing cavity; to roll into the ore can not be higher than the level of acetabular wall. Exposed rotating machine parts, shields should be added, but the shield owned by the user.http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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