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Vipeak cone crusher processing waste to help the cement industry to find a new growth point

   Cement is a traditional industry, our main varieties of ordinary portland cement, ordinary portland cement clinker, oil well cement, white Portland cement, alumina cement and so on.
    Recently, the company learned that Xinjiang Bole Nangang building first developed in the production of portland pozzolana cement 32.5R, following the successful development of anti-sulfur Portland cement, low alkali Portland cement 42.5, in the heat Portland cement, 52.5 ordinary portland cement concrete again after a successful development of new varieties.
As the State Department, the Ministry of Development and Reform Commission recently released a series of strengthening measures to eliminate backward production capacity, the cement industry in dire straits, however, in this context, the recent utilization of the cement industry, setting off a carbide, iron and steel slag , construction waste, slag and other industrial waste residue development of circular economy boom. Tests show that slag, gravel, iron and steel slag used for building materials industry, which saves a lot of natural resources, while protecting the environment, the development of circular economy is an important way.
Carbide slag, steel slag, construction debris, comprehensive utilization of blast furnace slag is a typical resource use, and recycling economy, so as a direct resources to promote the recycling of slag carbide, steel slag, construction waste, slag crushing, grinding and other processing equipment development has good development prospects.
    Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. produces and WKS Symons cone crusher spring cone crusher and PYB MQX superfine ball mill to achieve the ideal waste recycling crushing and grinding equipment. WKS Symons cone crusher is designed for the development of high hardness materials such as slag, iron ore, copper ore, etc., the performance is very reliable, WKS Symons cone crusher according to the slag particle size choose a different type of crushing chamber a chronology of the slag, super fine crushing. MQX superfine ball mill grinding machine can improve the efficiency of the slag processing to improve efficiency in the use of project engineering, cost the best weapon! Facts have proved that the use of industrial waste residue development of circular economy, not only help cement companies to find new growth point, but also help cement companies to adjust the industrial structure, to the high energy consumption, high pollution of traditional industries to clean and efficient, modern industry changes.http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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