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How to solve the congestion problem crusher?
   I believe people who used the stone crusher know crusher when the phenomenon of sudden blockage, then the crusher block, how to do? The following jinjin technical staff on your Laijiang Jiang crusher blockage phenomenon how to deal with:
1 crusher block is continuous with one of the common faults that may exist in the design of the organism itself, but more are caused by the use of improper operation.
2. Feed too fast, the load increases, is caused by blockage of one of the reasons. So we use the crusher must pay attention to the feeding process, we should pay attention to meter pointer deflection angle big problem, if more than the rated current, indicating that the motor overload, overload a long time, it will burn out the motor. This situation should be expected to immediately reduce or close the door, you can also change the way the feed by adding feeders to control the fluxes. Feeders have manual and automatic, the user should choose the right according to the actual feeder.
  The company has an experienced and skilled sales and service team and perfect sales service network. After purchase, the company will assign a professional customer service personnel to the scene to guide planning and management of installation and equipment. Should always pay attention to the operation related to the crusher, which would accordingly reduce the crusher clogging phenomenon.http://www.infostonecrusher.com
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