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Some stone crusher routine maintenance should be performed
Stone crusher is a crushing machinery which utilizes action of two jaw plates bending and extrusion for material, primary crusher or secondary crusher can be adopted in various hardness materials crushing process. Its machine body is composed with the fixed jaw and a movable jaw plates,the materials incurs crushed when the two jaw plates closed, material less than discharge gate will get discharged after two plants leave. Its action is carried out intermittently. This stone crusher due to simple structure, reliable and hard materials available is widely used in mineral processing, building materials, silicate ,ceramics and other industrial sectors, when compared with the cone crusher, stone crusher needs less investment, low production costs.Compared with hammer crusher, its wear parts can be used for a long time, and it is high production efficiency, small investment can make the production line. It is widely used among producer.
In production,producer need to consider about which issue it is according to problem happened in production line,and then shut down the machine for maintenance. There is usually percussive sound when the work metal generated,in order to avoid this situation we should conduct more mechanical maintenance on the screws,and do machinery internal testing. We also conduct regular lubrication for the machine,so we can guarantee the normal operation of a stone crusher machine and extend the service life of equipment.The grease in the bearing should account for 50-70% of the volume and we must replace it every three months,it will maximize the useful life of equipment.
Stone crusher bearing should be maintained,crusher bearing parts are easily broken,so we need to do regular maintenance and refuels in order to increase the bearing service life.
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