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To analysis Impact Crusher effectiveness of spiral structure function
     In recent years, Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd  pruduce traditional gravel drive to produce new impact crusher, also known as sand making machine in terms of performance with a simple, high productivity, supporting better and more automated and so on. Sand will be coordinated with the future of industrial automation trend, the overall level of increase for mining equipment. Such as intelligent control system, the encoder and the digital control components, power and other new intelligent load control equipment has been widely applied to the sand making equipment, the equipment users in the operation more independence, flexibility, accuracy of operation high efficiency and compatibility. In many production environments, and mining machinery made of the overall process, sand making the main structure is the most frequent changes and has a very broad experimental space of the theory of a machine model. Therefore, during the extensive experiments,
     vipeak that a more optimized reverse spiral structure and flank the wrought alloys can be done better control of product shape gravel. The following Vipeak will explain the new structure within the main function of spiral structure.
     Impact crusher sand and gravel products during the process of fine-grained, grain size and the machine will rock grain shape, the overall trend in the design phase for a certain simulation. Twist to the use of electricity for the differential gear set-up, you can within the context of the maximum grain size and grain shape to grasp. However, traditional sand making machine, VSI crusher and especially PCI Sand does not compact helical structure common inherent defects. However, if compact spiral, and it will choose to give up the impact plate or impeller rotation torque effect. Manufacturers to greatly increase the power loss.
     To this end, we believe that in order to fundamentally solve the dilemma of this situation must be independent of the sand making the introduction of this helical structure. High-speed rotation of the spiral structure can make the early products in the sand and gravel was driven back to the impeller centrifugal force center, the greatest efforts made under the maximum. Under normal circumstances, this result is made very welcome, we can see the phenomenon that is the best sand in the Sand, sand and gravel will focus on filtration, and the dependence of the edge is very small. The main wear parts of the screen will be concentrated in the center.
     Updated within the helical structure is heavily dependent on the primary impact crusher shaft, so being improved, it must be reinforcement of the shaft, because the big torque shaft will have a serious effect of the stress effect. Therefore, the main wear parts may be manufactured using alloy steel.
     Sand in the changes within the spiral structure, the force will also be affected. Therefore, strengthening the beam to be scattered from the center of the base. The only way to spiral inward within the centrifugal force will spread around the machine. Enhanced spiral twist handle bolts should be used to adjust the reverse fixed, so as not to tell, driven by centrifugal effect stuck to adjust tank.
     Vipeak heavy industry development in the gravel drive, the more energy efficient design to maximize the efficiency and the pursuit of machine design guidelines. Therefore, the new model is mainly applied to those who seek high-yield, efficient large-scale production line agencies. Parallel from the Sand Sand intelligent dual-impeller unit to constant speed control, and then to Sand in the successful development of spiral plastic bodies are based on the design principles, and has achieved good results.http://www.infostonecrusher.com
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