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Strong jaw crusher challenge the new test of "green, energy saving, emission reduction"

    With the advent of low-carbon economy, mining machinery industry faces a "green, energy saving, emission reduction," the new test. Well-known mining machinery enterprises vipeak heavy industry machinery followed the trend, insist on technology innovation, talent development strategy, energy conservation has made outstanding achievements. R & D produced a series of powerful deep cavity jaw crusher is the new jaw crusher, which is in the traditional structure of jaw crusher on the basis of improved and perfected to get. Deep cavity jaw crusher a new design theory nip angle, optimizing the body cavity, the weak link for reinforcement. The cavity is deep cavity hyperboloid form. Support the structure to take negative, zero suspension, a small eccentricity and high placed deep cavity frequency matching to obtain a high capacity, low wear, low-power, large crushing ratio can worry about the opposite sex. Strong jaw crusher best suited to crushing ore, rock, slag and other materials, many models selected according to the customer production request is reasonable match, mainly used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory and ceramics industries for the broken and crushing of hard ores and rocks of various other.

     Strong jaw crusher squeeze-type dynamic way for the song. The working principle is: Motor drives belt and pulley, fixed jaw by the eccentric shaft to swing up and down before and after, when the movable jaw to push moving jaw plate fixed jaw movement, the material is crushed or split pieces. When the movable jaw and movable jaw plate in the eccentric shaft, under the action of spring back when crushed or split has been previously broken jaw material from the bottom row of the discharge port. With the motor for rotating the motor broken jaw periodically for crushing and waste material, to achieve mass production.

     vipeak Heavy industry machinery in product development, production and sales process is consistently applied "to become your best partner" business philosophy. First, its design and production of the crusher equipment and mill equipment are from the customer point of view, according to market research results to improve, and give full consideration to the actual construction process of the noise, pollution and other issues, and earnestly solve the green problem. Second, in line with the principles of economical use of the crushing equipment R & D process, easy to wear pieces are used to adjust structure, can maximize the use of materials, for customers to create practical production environment safe and clean construction. Third, the premise of ensuring product quality and customer sincere cooperation, Vipeak heavy industry continued to develop new products for our customers to bring more practical benefits. Fourth, to continuously improve service quality, technical arrangements in the country, to build sales and service network, timely resolution of customer issues to ensure that customers operating in stable operation, high efficiency output.http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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