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measures to ensure the fine running of ball mill
In order measures to improve the ball mill's production, it not only starts from technical factors and mechanical factors, but also to ensure the effective management and control of ball mill. Main purpose of management is to prevent the occurrence and elimination of bad running state of the equipment, implement meticulous operation, with low power consumption, ball consumption to realize high quality, high production.
Steps of realizing fine operation: reasonable production index refers to the operation objectives, indicators must determine the upper and lower limits; correct operation parameters are process needed to control; troubleshooting measures refers to that when performing operation method, find fault timely and eliminate efficiently. Now elaborate the refined operation steps in detail:
1 Rational index. Reasonable production index can not only enhance the enthusiasm of the staff, for the enterprise, but also is a measure of cost control, a lower index can be determined through the internal performance of the equipment and various factors.
2 Correct operating parameters. Operation and control of ball mill mainly takes the cyclic load and choosing powder efficiency these two parameters as the goal, relying on a reasonable match wind, material, fineness of three parameters to control the grinding condition and fineness.
3 Trouble shooting. For the trouble shooting, how to find the reason in time, and safe and reliable troubleshooting, is a must for fine operation.
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