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Newly Energy-Saving Ball Mill Designed
How to improve dry ball mill production of it? To improve dry ball mill production methods and other ball mill method is the same? We can adopt the following specific programs to improve dry mill production.
1. The dry stone ball used by the diameter of the ball mill efficiency is the impact factor, ball stone ball diameter of ball mill size varies by more favorable treatment of ore grinding, and the ore can be of different sizes to achieve fuller ground, thereby enhancing the efficiency of ball mill.
2. The current size of the powder ball mill is equivalent to the amount of input energy ball mill, ball mill to increase the current drive speed will increase, thus directly increase the mill productivity.
3. The current dry ball mill increase is a certain range, the current limit is increased to the rated power of ball mill power range will be destroyed once the ball over.
4. Raw material ball mill, and no certain standard formula, or formula only standard materials ball mill is suitable for the actual working conditions, so that the ball mill intensity can be improved, but also improve their weight and increase inertia, to help the ball mill in a certain extent, improve work efficiency.
5. Ball mill at work adding appropriate dispersant is also beneficial to the work efficiency. In fact, in the normal production process, the operator is able to identify problems and problem-solving. Moreover, the operator also based on actual personal experience; on the basis of the original can also re-innovation and upgrading to improve the ball mill production.
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