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Lubrication methods of ball mill bearing
      ball mill use the sliding bearing, the friction coefficient is 0.05, working electric current is 80A, after the ball mill use the rolling bearing, the friction coefficient is 0.003, the working electric current reduce 10%,the cost of each machine reduce 10%,the whole month can save the electric 39700 kw, the whole year can save electric 476400 kw.
     After change the sliding bearing into the rolling bearing, the output of the motor power have a lot of left, all of this can increase the capacity of the input capacity of the ball mill, meanwhile, improve the liner plate and Row ore of the ball mill, can reduce the feed size of the raw material, reduce the cost of motor power and increase the process indicators.
      The characteristics of the ball mill are low speed, large capacity and because the movement of the raw material and the liner plate, depends the characteristics of the ball mill, then there are some ask for the rolling bearing:
      1: the use year of the rolling bearing should keep same with the ball mill, at least 8 years.
      2: the rolling bearing should be the automatic self-aligning bearing, and compensation axial and radial beat ball mill produced drift angle main journal.
     The working principle: when the oil pump motor have some wrong, even the oil tank of the oil pump stop working, but the oil tank have the oil left, the oil can keep the ball mill working when the worker can give maintenance to the ball mill, even the maintenance time longer, basically, the ball mill can working normally.
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