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what should be pay attention when buy crusher equipment?
Zhengzhou Vipeak Machinery Engineering Department, said the purchase counterattack Stone Crusher should be from three aspects to consider .one: Its performance characteristics and operating ease of consideration;
Two: Materials;
Three: After-sales service after the installation considerations .First we have to buy a crusher, and its performance characteristics and operating ease is bound to consider. Vipeak mechanical production crusher is used in the cavity of uniform crushing equipment , not only can effectively increase the production capacity , but also to energy saving . When high-speed rotation of the motor drive rotor, tooth plate hammer will carry out high-speed impact, by the counterattack lining rebound to once again broken the functionality broken crusher Shanghai Lei Friends of the R & D function is complete, the production of efficiency is very high .Secondly, in the purchase of the crusher material problems. Vipeak mechanical production of the crusher using a new type of high-chromium wear plate hammer, unique gear counterattack lining, not only the strong rigidity and wear resistance. Stability, safe and reliable. More than what we call the problem of after-sales service. At the time of product purchase, we wanted to make sure the crusher installation how to care and maintenance, and safe operation of the protection methods. General formal enterprises will have a better service. zhengzhou Vipeak Machinery select the one-stop service , whether pre- or sale , or sale tracking not only beneficial to provide a wide range of services to customers , but also well received by everyone's support !
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