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The detail introduce of jaw plates
Jaw  plates are easy to be damaged .So vipeak choose the best materials to produce jaw plates. Now let's introduce jaw plates for you.
Jaw Plates
The analysis of Jaw crusher  working principle. The upper part of movable jaw plate combines with eccentric shaft, and the lower part is supported bythrust plate, however, fixed jaw plate is bounded on machine frame. When the eccentric moving, movable jaw plate is pressed by materials,and fixed jaw plate is mainly exposed to the material sliding cutting action. Through failure analysis, we conclude that blocking the damagemechanism of jaw is that the repeated extrusion comes from the materials to jaw can cause abrasion,and the short-range sliding comes from materials can lead to wear and tear. In order to improve the usage of jaw, we should mainly consider the hardness and toughness of materials. If the materials have high hardness,the depth of jaw pressed into jaw is shallow£¬so that the surface deformationis small. At the same time,the amount ofabrasive sliding comes from materials is small.Besides, materials should have a certain toughness£¬so that can prevent theoccurrence of fracture during the extrusion process to make sure the normal usage of jaw.
Jaw plates materials
The high-manganese steel is the traditional material of the jaw crusher. It has good shockloadcapability, but because of unreasonable structures of crusher, the angle between the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate is too large, which is easy to cause materials¡¯ sliding. Low surface hardness is due to strain hardening is not fully leaving the jaw, the materials short-cutting leads to the damage of jaw. In order to improve the usage of jaw, we delve into many kinds of materials for jaw, such as Cr¡¢MoW¡¢Ti¡¢V¡¢Nband so on, which candisperse strengthening treatment of high-manganese steel£¬and improve Its initialhardness andyield strength.we also developed manganese steel Bu, low-magic III, high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel composite, ADI of Qu iron and so on£¬and all of them make good effect in production.
Commercial chromium rely iron has high wear resistance£¬however, because of the toughness is poor , so high chromium cast iron jaw is not necessarily made ??goodeffect.In recent years,we use  high chromium cast iron cast-bonding in high-manganese steel jaw plateto form a complex jaw, whose relative density tolerance is up to three times more, which made the usage of jaw improved highly. This way is also a effective one to improve the life of jaw, but the process is very complex, so it is difficult to complete.But vipeak insist doing this for you!http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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