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The process for maintain of jaw crusher
    In order to ensure the jaw crusher the normal and lasting work, In addition to the correct operation is needed to make maintenance program, which includes routine maintenance and inspection, adjustment, repair, replacement parts repair, and replacement of major components overhaul.
    Minor repairs cycle is generally the work of one to three months, mainly to check the repair or adjust the adjustment device, for example, the gap adjustment of the discharge opening, liner wear in case of a U-turn and replace the transmission part of the lubrication system to check and replacement of the lubricant.
    In the repair cycle in the normal work of the crusher between one to two years. The replacement of the thrust plate, liner bracket inspection, maintenance, inspection and maintenance of bush.
    Overhaul cycle of the normal work about five years, in addition to several jobs in the repair, you also need to replace the eccentric shaft and E spindle badly worn accessories, In addition, the connecting rod head pouring babbitt also need to be replaced or The re-placement.
    Jaw crusher lasting work and improve the repair and maintenance program and good operating habits are inextricably linked. Large 3182012113651ber of users Crusher care overhaul and deal with failure in a timely manner.Source:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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