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Stone crusher wear layer surfacing effect and the experience
   Special electrode of inner diameter of five millimeters when the preparatory work is completed before the surfacing surfacing surfacing at multiple layers, head over to continuous surfacing of a two-tier, multi-block surfacing, first on the top of the heap3 to 4 solder layer, the thickness of about 8 mm; hammer on both sides hit the surfacing of parts of both sides of the striking surface area is relatively large, need 4-5 layers of surfacing about the thickness of 10 mm. 220A-260A current operation can be.
    Should be noted that, after surfacing to wait for surfacing parts of its own cooling, carry out surfacing work is not to outdoor winter, or red outlet.
    After repeatedly surfacing test, JHY-1C electrode hammer surfacing repair parts can be used in four months time, and the new replacement hammer life. Can be broken as much as 200,000 tons of limestone. In terms of price, the replacement of a new hammerhead, in accordance with 90 kg each, a set of 28, weighing about 2.5 tons, about the price I saw you in the 40000 5-50000. We mentioned above, the welding repair, you only need the electrode manual welding costs, can save 30000-35000.
    Stone Crusher in the case of working at peak efficiency year requires three sets of hammer Overall, surfacing, the expenditure of more than 100,000 yuan savings for the factory.Source from :http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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