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Impact crusher wide application in mining industry
In the tide of economic globalization, driven by China's economy gradually take off, especially in the construction industry development more and more quickly, the industrialization degree is more and more high, mining machinery industry is in its lead development fast, become a national focus on the development of industry. Crushing equipment is an important branch of mining machinery industry, has an important influence on the development of mining machinery industry, for the application of the most extensive influence impact type crusher is greater.
In all over the world to promote energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental protection development today, design R & D crusher this heavy equipment also caused manufacturers and customersí» attention.  In the process of crushing waste in order to impact crusher play a better role, commonly used crusher equipment with matching, so qualified ligament grain early separated for cleaning operation ore, unqualified coarse returned to the mill in grinding, so the impact Crusher is the process of various mixture different size according to the settling velocity of different divided into two different levels of granularity, fine, impact crusher with air as the reaction medium crushing machine and water wet classification of medium, good wet classification effect, grinding grading operation concentrator is used by most wet classification, the mixture of a variety of different particle size of minerals ore by sedimentation velocity is divided into two different levels of granularity, fine work most of the wet classification, because ore in mineral characteristic is very complicated, in order to prevent excessive wear or improve grinding save rate should not be a useful minerals and gangue, useful minerals and mineral grinding unit to the dissociation of minerals, through the classification, has not yet been monomer dissociation accretion of back grinding mill. At the same time also led to the development of many industry crushers, and the speed of city in the industrial evolution speed is a remarkable characteristic, in the degree of city, city infrastructure construction has become the protagonist. Of course, impact crusher has become indispensable costar.
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