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What are the rock crushers? What kind of rock can be processing artificial ballast?
We know that the stone can be used to generate sand and gravel aggregate, but not all the stone is suitable for manual application of requirements, in addition to our common outside rocks such as limestone, granite, basalt, there's a lot we call out the name of rock, most of our understanding of the rock in the hardness, hardness and different standard of the rock are very important data. Such as a hard granite rock, gneiss is medium weathering, the mudstone as the breeze is soft rock, and there is a kind of sandstone in extremely soft rock, from the use of artificial sand the original stone we can also understand that it is has the certain requirement for the hardness.
In recent years, as urbanization and infrastructure construction vigorously, market demand for rock material is more robust, a production of "cast stone" and highway, railway and airport runway construction with sand and gravel aggregate of good raw materials. And rock after grinding or superfine powder processing can also be applied to the cement industry, paint, coatings and electronics, aerospace and other fields, rock investment prospect is also becoming clear, at the same time the production demand to rock crushers and other mining machinery equipment to provide more opportunities for development.
If the user processing is stone can use jaw crusher and cone crusher for processing, the crusher is applied diameter larger ore stone machinery by extruding the impact crushing, after crushing particle size average between 10 mm to tens of mm, can be very important for aggregate in the construction field. If the user wants to processed into fine powder, it also requires further processing for the material after broken, also is the ore powder, need to use powder equipment mainly include Raymond mill or ultrafine pulverizer, the former can ore processing is 80-300 mesh, which can be processed ore 300-3000 mesh, can meet the needs of the vast majority of the industry market, enhance the market value of the ore.
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