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The crisis of crusher area

     In 2011,cement market was shrinking makes the community very worried about the future development of the building materials industry, which also relying on the building materials industry crusher manufacturers brought a haze, and some companies even for several months, the sales of "zero order"horrors, over the crusher industry filled with the solemn atmosphere of crisis.
     Since the founding of new China, the implementation of industrialization gradually been put on the agenda of nation-building, access to development opportunities for the industry promoting agriculture and the slogan of the crusher industry. Especially after the 1990s, the rapid growth of crusher sales, join the crusher production companies increasing crusher manufacturing company up to more than one thousand, and basically formed the independent development and production of manufacturing systems, this rapid growth the situation is bound to crusher supporting industry into a new period of development.
     Therefore, the short-term downturn in the industry does not stop the crusher industry bigger and stronger, some new factors will promote the crusher industry to regain vitality.
     First, the accelerated pace of domestic infrastructure. The past two years, the pace of development increased, the new rural construction, protection of housing construction, highway, water conservancy facilities, the construction of the current top priority. The country has planned to construct is bound to increase demand for basic raw materials such as cement, sand and gravel, so this provides a new and exciting opportunities to the crusher industry.
     Secondly, building a green theme of the world is shaken. With the deepening of urban construction, the construction of the legacy of construction waste to the environment a lot of pressure, a serious impact on people's normal production and life, solid waste recycling become the sustainable development of the primary task. Now developed a mobile crushing plant for the processing of construction waste a lot of convenience.
     Once again, the crusher upgrading soon. Broken machine in the industry, metallurgy and other industries continue to play an irreplaceable role, but the crusher life cycle is very short, in general, three to five years, the crusher will be carried out an update, otherwise it will affect the normal production.Article from:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/

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