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Four points of the jaw crusher operation
Jaw crusher is most widely used in processing of stone crushing equipment, operation and maintenance is very important, improper operation and do not pay attention to maintenance is the important reasons of machinery accident, the correct operation and reasonable maintenance is helpful to improve the crushing ability of jaw crusher. The jaw crusher in the process of concrete operation should pay attention to the following four points.
1, the preparation before starting the work 
Check all parts are in good condition, bolt looseness part have appeared;Check the feeding and transport and electrical equipment is normal;Check whether the lubrication device is good, and so on.
2, start-up and normal operation
To be carried out in accordance with the specific regulations on; Start the main motor must pay attention to the ammeter dynamic; Attention should be paid to adjust good feed rate, feed rate of uniform; Pay attention to the temperature of the rolling bearing; If the mechanical accident, should immediately stop.
3, should pay attention to when stop
Pay attention to the order of the parking and driving order just the opposite; The jaw crusher to stop completely before for cooling and lubrication; To do a good job of cleaning and inspection after use.
4, lubrication
Jaw crusher in the connecting rod bearing, eccentric shaft bearing, thrust plate elbow head office need lubrication parts of the lubrication of work to be in place.And can be used in the summer of 70 machine oil, 40 # machine oil can be used in winter.
The correct operation can improve the yield reduce accidents at the same time also can prolong the service life of jaw crusher; therefore, jaw crusher production operation in the process of work must be done well.
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