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The methods of how to improve the ability of jaw crusher production
In general, only the large production capacity, good performance equipment can receive the user's favor, the same is true for jaw crusher. So, a lot of manufacturers continuous to modify jaw crusher in the process of design, improve its performance as well as to improve their production. Among them, after continuous research, summarizes measures can improve the jaw crusher production capacity, mainly has three, for customers to read.
1, in appropriate range, increase production can be done by increasing the speed of the eccentric shaft, but do so at the same time will increase the loss of power. And it needs pay special attention to is that speed cannot too fast, otherwise you will have the opposite effect, not only increase the power consumption, also can reduce the output of jaw crusher.
2, through the analysis of some physics, dynamics, the shape of the activity jaw plate can do some adjust appropriately, to ensure that the upper Angle remains unchanged, the bottom into the Angle of 0, this will greatly increase the broken material discharge volume, increase the output of mandibles crusher.
3, pay attention to the eccentric shaft, connecting rod, jaw board and other easily worn parts inspection of jaw crusher, such as wear more serious to change in time, avoid delay the normal work of the jaw crusher.
In addition to the above some measures to enhance jaw crusher production capacity, but also pay attention to the timely correct operation and maintenance of equipment, can't always demand production and equipment, such easy to cause the opposite effect.
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