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Stone crusher cavity structure design features
   The crushing chamber is a very important structure of the stone crusher, whether reasonable the shape design will directly affect the crushing effect, important indicators of production efficiency, energy consumption and the 426201244741ber of liner wear and crushing ratio. Generally speaking, the shape of the crushing chamber can be divided into two kinds of the crushing chamber of the linear and curved crushing chamber. Draw the curve-shaped crushing chamber to be significantly better than the linear crushing chamber through the analysis of the practice, as well as the traditional theory of curved broken device structure of an important trend in future.
    After the analysis of structure of some of the literature and practice, we can get the result of the whereabouts of the material of the cavity within the layer the time height and density of filled with the cavity of high and constant change, these factors must be in the design when taking into account the so as to make the design more in line with actual needs. With the emergence of new technology and modern methods, well the crushing chamber to optimize the design, the cavity-type optimum design method including hierarchical piecewise optimization and multi-layer overall optimization method. The former is the objective function in various broken layer to optimize the design, this approach can be a good 426201244741ber of control variables, however, the latter can be flexible according to the needs of equipment designers, the adjustment of parameters, of which it is very important the.
   The use of the process of multi-layer optimization method, one-time completion of the entire cavity of the optimization design, the design variables is relatively more comprehensive well completion program of chamber design. Determine the eccentric shaft revolutions of time, only taking into account the productivity of relatively high the factor, ignore the other macro factors, in order to be able to simplify the method of calculation assumes that moving jaw for translational motion ignore the moving jaw in the swing process nip angle change has broken the material free fall under gravity, without considering the friction between the liner and the material impact on nesting.
    Crusher process, power consumption and the 426201244741ber of revolutions, specification size, nesting size, tooth angle, particle size characteristics, and broken the physical and mechanical properties of materials, for material and mechanical properties of the power The impact is greatest. Specifications of the machine size increases, the power is greater, the greater the size of the machine specifications, the power consumption will be greater the higher the 426201244741ber of revolutions of the eccentric shaft and crushing ratio increases, power consumption will be with the increase.
    The stone crushing machine for each structure are very important, as long as each part of each structure of a firm do to make the effect to be able to improve the performance of the entire device, a reasonable structure to reduce friction, and thus are able to Good to extend the life of the crusher.
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