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Maintenance of impact crusher
    Vipeak suggest you that, impact crusher before each time you start, you need to carefully the equipment checked again to confirm the details of the problem: the device itself as well as the control device is intact, the body is not retained debris, the bolt is loose, the belt tensionand so on.
    In strict accordance with the instructions in the jaw at boot time, boot sequence; at the same time, downtime, in accordance with the provisions of the order of downtime.
    In the working process, the need to regularly check the temperature of the lubrication system and bearings.
    Usually to hammer plate, the inner wall of protective linings, counter board, and other wearing parts, it was discovered that serious wear and tear should be replaced immediately to avoid serious accidents.
    One device only meticulously maintained, in order to create more value for our customers.http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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