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Common jaw plate wear of stone jaw crusher plant
Stone jaw crusher plant as a ore and other hard materials, large crushing machinery, in the process of stone production line, the wear and tear of the spare parts is inevitable. Wear and tear caused by the crushing process will greatly reduce the life of the crushing machinery, crusher production and processing will also cause great distress.

In stone jaw crusher plant structure, activity Jaw plate and static Jaw plate wear occurs most often. Stone rusher will be often wear and tear,such wear is inevitable, wear make mechanical shortened life expectancy, it should be to minimize the occurrence of wear. Stone jaw crusher plant wear, especially in Jaw Plate 1/3 below is the most serious. Moving plate and static plate wear can lead to crushing machine can not operate normally and lose crushing capacity. In order to minimize the loss of parts, first, we need to adhere to the scientific selection of models; rational use and selection of materials. Once the improper selection, severe cases will result in long-term passive plant,and will also cause recurrent consume.

VIPEAK summarizes some of the following methods to reduce wear and tear, that is, to solve Jaw plate of stone jaw crusher plant wear:

1.Newly installed Jaw plate must be fixed tight, fitted, smooth touch the surface of the machine. Jaw plate and the surface of the machine can be paded a layer of good plastic material;

2. Each batch of materials into the crusher should be carried out sampling. Once the materials have a greater change in the nature, it is necessary to timely change the parameters of the crusher, so that the performance of the device parameters to match with the incoming materials;

3. Jaw plate must use high hardness, wear-resistant, and strong material;

4. The company which has a the mine crushing production line of the cement companies, can be make the same models spare parts of coarse crusher and cement crusher mill interchangeable;

5. The surfacing method of repair jaw plate wear.http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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