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The outstanding advantages of river gravel artificial sand making equipment
In recent years, mining sand industry rapid growth. In today's economic construction, scientific and technological progress and rapid development of society, sand making machine occupies a very important position, the mining crusher sand making equipment to build the sand and gravel, to have a strong role in promoting the development of infrastructure. The river pebbles price is low, the distribution of the characteristics of the vast territory, making it the main raw material of the sand. River gravel sand making equipment production line in our country to build a wide range of use of the river pebble gravel material crushing process, with high high-volume, high-efficiency, automation degree of river gravel sand making production line, impact crusher plays a very important role.
River gravel sand making equipment, sand cavity, and the sand cavity adjustment method: the chassis is located in the upper end of the lower cabinet. The adjusting screw is located on top of the chassis, and then matching on the chassis was pretty spiral; intermediate convex inner wall of the adjusting screw, up and down both sides of the ring-shaped trumpet-shaped ramp, wear sleeve with the adjusting screw connected to the ring (trumpet-shaped) slope; spindle through the eccentric sleeve and the inner copper sleeve shaft hole (located on the center of the enclosure), moving cone through the spherical copper tile sets (on the spindle), and driven by the spindle moving cone sets rotation; antiwear action in a condom the the moving cone sleeve on the cone, and the anti-wear action sets constitute the dynamic sand cavity wall moving cone driven, anti-wear sleeve wall.
Vipeak river gravel sand making equipment system sand cavity advantage:
(1) To create a precedent of river gravel sand chamber and system sand, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low cost;
(2) The sand cavity surface high hardness, wear resistance, long life;
(3) By adjusting the threaded sleeve lifting the sand cavity spacing adjustment can be achieved, so as to achieve the purpose of the adjustment sand particle size.
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