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New type raymond mill is in an urgent need

In recent years, along with the changes of the development layout and the conversion of the economic growth mode, the milling machinery, especially Raymond ball mill, has slowly turned into a key development following the market trend. Milling machinery industry has gone through the extensive development stage which relies on cheap labor advantage and at the expense of the environment. Today, complying with international low-carbon economic development trends, milling machinery industry is positively toward the development path of exploring the energy saving and environmental protection methods, which provides more applications for the rapid development of modern powder.
The new Raymond milling machinery should focus on high efficiency and energy-saving and be designed following the key principles of zero pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption and service life. In the actual choice steel of materials and the purchase of accessories, the principles of assured quality should also be kept.
Our state encourages the ore development and also requires in a high standard to the milling machinery. So the large capacity, high efficiency, high election points, reliable operation, energy saving and environmental protection milling machines are in an urgent need. The new Raymond ball mill has the following characteristics:
1. three-dimensional structure, small footprint, complete sets, from the block to the refined powder is an independent production system.
2. fine and uniform refined powder, and  the passing screening rate is 99%, which is hard for other milling equipment.
3. machine gears are with sealed gear boxes and pulleys, transmission smooth and operation reliable.
4. the electrical system is centralized control, milling workshop can realize unmanned operation.
5. the important components are all composed of high quality steel, the machine has the advantages of high wear resistance and reliable operation.Article from:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/

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