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Aim to change grinding and qualities of slag contaminants to environmental protection
Grounded furnace slag has progressively been recognized and broadly used, the development and use of slag volume have elevated greatly over the years , except getting used because the concrete admixture, Some Cement Plants used the clear way of grinding grounded furnace slag and clinker correspondingly to create regular Tigard cement and slag cement. Cement crushing plant
At the moment, producing grounded furnace slag relies mainly on ball mill and vertical grinding system. Because different systems of grinding have different grinding principle and process, producing grounded furnace slag in contaminants distribution and gratifaction will also be different, and influence their functional performance. Ball mill and vertical grinder for producing slag contaminants as well as their functional qualities are now being analyzed. The affect on powdered ore by techniques used in grinding is specified by other document. This short article only makes comparison from the variations between your sign of slag contaminants produced by ball mill and vertical grinder.
With the rise in the area, the slag contaminants that created by vertical grinder rise in coefficient of uniformity, the distribution of contaminants narrows, the ball mill productions have this similar trend, however the magnitude of changes is more compact that those of the vertical grinder.
Once the area is identical, the coefficient uniformity from the slag contaminants created by vertical grinder is larger compared to ball mill the distribution of contaminants is narrower. Side might be because of the experimental grinder and ball mill which are open-circuited are needed to offer the fineness from the product towards the mill, carefully ground materials which have been within the mill continue being effected through the grinding for any very long time, vulnerable to over-grinding phenomenon, the distribution selection of the contaminants is wide. Iron ore Grinding Machines
And also the vertical grinderĄŻs built-in new highly efficiency separator, choose the powder over time, narrow the distribution from the finished productsĄŻ contaminants. However, ball mill by grinding the fabric with the grinding balls within the mill to make the impact of abrasive material fragmentation, particle thickness essentially receives exactly the same pressure. The vertical grinder has got the effect of Shear extrusion around the material by Curler layer uniformity coefficient related system.Article from:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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