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Economic and reasonable crusher system is essential to the limestone industry
Limestone is easily broken material, one is the hardness is low, the other is silicon content is very low. Limestone crusher as the main machinery to process limestone materials, according to the characteristics of different crushing equipment analysis, and a lot of power to confirm, impact crusher, relative to the general crusher to more suitable for processing limestone.
Limestone in the field of building materials, chemical industry and other fields can produce hydrated lime, lime, lime putty, lime mortar, aerated concrete block, coating and other building materials such as wall material, it can also become mechanism sand product to the preparation of high performance concrete.
According to different application fields, they general need powder, sand, gravel, three kinds of specifications of the limestone products. Due to the increasing market demand for limestone products, giving impetus to the development of the limestone production equipment. The engineers remind users there are many influence factors in material crushing system, correct analysis and master all kinds of factors are very important to choose the economic and reasonable fracture system .Because the limestone are relatively soft material, the impact crusher is the best choice for processing limestone.
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