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Depth development of mineral resources

   In the long-term development, mining machinery industry break the traditional economic development model, and proposed a idea that "conservation of resources, sound development , dedicating gold and silver, leaving the mountains," which explicitly states that "the development of recycling economy and the construction of green mine, ", and vigorously promotes the transmission of economic growth model. Mining machinery manufacturers actively explore in energy efficiency, conservation of mineral resources and comprehensive utilization of resources, which make the mineral resources are efficiently used and the equipments are more energy-efficient and low carbonation, besides , they has launched a series of crusher, mill and processing equipment for tailings disposal, as a results the mining waste are fully utilized, mining resources have been recycled effectively, also reduce the pollution caused by mine wastes on the environment.
   Great changes has been taken place in Contemporary industrial production and manufacturing technology, all those changes have a common feature, it is the application of the original foundation material and the deep usage of varieties of  mineral resources. We do not develop rely on just selling raw materials; the new ultra-fine powder has became the upstream and raw materials of most industrial manufacturing, Which Almost cover all the light and heavy industrial production and manufacturing sectors. The production and application level of Ultra-fine powder level has become a symbol of measurement a country's level of development of science and technology. Ultra-fine mill and macro-power grinder, which are used for the production of fine power, have occupied an important position in the market of fine powder.
   In today's society, speeding up the economic development mode put forward a higher requirement on the saving and comprehensive utilization of resources. Our country has supported the 30 years rapid growth of the national economy since reform and opening up with relative lack of mineral resources, however, on the whole, Resource utilization in China is still relatively extensive , development and utilization efficiency is not high, which leads the waste of resources and environmental pollution. In order to meet the requirement of construction a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society, we should accelerate the transformation of resource use, based on the scientific and technological progress and manage innovation, also focus on the saving and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, develop a green mining and the recycling economy. The comprehensively improvement of mining resources explanation and utilization efficiency will be a task and mission of all major mining industries.Article from:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/

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