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The technology level of impact crusher at this stage
   Impact crusher  development opportunity comes from the market's control of exploitation of the natural sand. It is reported that the restrictions on the exploitation of river sand, sea sand and natural sand philosophy are based on the protection of the environment of the river and the sea-bed. It provides a solid guarantee for the development of the artificial sand and crusher market and long-term development. Coal gangue is one of the solid waste contains a lot of optimization of material.And the large 719201221558bers of coal gangue's accumulation and emissions is not only a waste of resources but also tie up land, pollute the environment. As coal gangue production is increasing , the environmental problems caused by increasingly prominent, and an increasingly difficult task of governance, processing and utilization of coal gangue, has become one of the prominent problems in the development process of the coal enterprises.Impact crusher can crush fluorite, gypsum, dolomite, limestone, quartz, shale, coal gangue, fly ash etc..Impact crusher is set of roll crusher, hammer crusher fragmentation functions as a whole, primary crushing, crushing points, crushing process to achieve "more crushing less grinding" requirements, equipment significantly to the characteristics of energy saving and environmSental protection, efficient fragmentation. So that,our impact crusher is very popular.
   With the current technology level, try to do the side plate of the movement of the eccentric shaft made the transmission to the outside of the movable jaw. The benefits of doing this makes the performance of broken equipment, kinematics and dynamics has been fundamentally improved, resulting in improved device performance. The actual crushing volume fragmentation model, the surface broken model of the superposition of the two models. Smooth development of the market, impact crusher in the process of crushing materials, the material is broken parts to the repeated impact crusher, a huge impact broken. More common materials crushers are impact crusher and hammer crusher. Compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher in the crushing of materials, the impact of the 719201221558ber of materials will be more, of course, the two crusher broken than large, suitable for crushing brittle material surface broken model constitutes a stable composition. The volumetric fracture model constitute transitional ingredients. Volume breakup model with broken bodies made and parameters, the surface broken model and the physical properties of the broken materials related to the re-utilization for the current recovery of gangue to carry out a series of processing a major breakthrough in R & D to build a large crusher, the crusher and cone crusher, can crusher for processing coal gangue, expand the scope of its use, can be used for brick-making, power generation, by the powder, the powder after milling mechanism for cement, concrete production, etc. Coal gangue crusher plays an important role, processing up to 90% utilization of coal gangue, garbage waste.
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