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How to improve the produce efficiency of crusher
    For the problems that happend in mining machine's work process,in order to improve product efficiency,high-efficient crusher appeared by the efforts of the majority of  mechanical designers.
1,Hardness of the material. The harder the material,the more difficult to crush,and the more serious wear and tear on the crusher equipment.The crush speed is slow,so the crushing capacity is low.
2,The crushed material's fineness.The higher requirements of fineness for the crushed material,the lower crushing capacity.
3,Humidity of materials.Materials with high level moisture in the crusher easy adhesion and is easy conglutination segmentation for the course of transmission congestion, resulting in decreasing crushing capacity .
4,Viscosity of the material.The greater the viscosity of the material, the more likely adhesion.
5,The composition of the materials.The more powder the material contain, the more influence for impact crushing.Because the powder can easily adhesion for delivery. The materials with
mmuch fine powder shoul be screened in advance.
6,Parts of the crusher equipment (hammer, jaw plate).Wear resistance broken, the better the greater the capacity, if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.
    The new technique uses halogen-shaped shield, increasing the effective length of the jaw, compare with the other crusher machinery,higher capacity. Efficient crusher consists of frame part of the eccentric shaft rotating part, the composition of the work part of the crushing chamber, the safety device, the discharge opening adjustment device. The crusher adopts world-class manufacturing processes, selection of the most high-end production of materials, more advanced movable jaw, before the high hardness of the material demonstrated higher wear ability, the moving jaw crusher with high-quality the casting composition, and two large cast steel flywheel drive crushers with exceptional reliability. Crusher use material showed a more remarkable crushing capacity.Eccentric shaft device of this crusher have the larger and more durable characteristics than other eccentric shaft device.Stone crusher Website:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/
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