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Removal and correction of impellers of sand making machine
VSI new type of sand making machine, is a capable of sand making machine that can process all kinds of rocks, gravel, river gravel, etc. to a variety of building sand grain size, and particle size uniformity, high strength, far more than ordinary natural sand making machine production line. There are seven major technical advantage. Here, we introduce you to the impeller disassembly of VSI sand making machine, replacement of wearing parts, correct balance and assembly and other related knowledge.

1. VSI Sand impeller part: loosen the screws of impeller retaining ring mouth and removed it, the impeller retaining ring mouth lift (if badly worn, replace new),make the impeller chamber clean, unloading off the center of the sub-feed cone impeller screws, lift dosing cone (if badly worn, the timely replacement), make a gasket diameter less than the spindle diameter and thickness of 30mm placed in the spindle above, put 50T on top of machinery, make a gantry which diameter greater than the diameter of the impeller and caught the bottom of impeller gantry, start 50T mechanical top, remove the impeller.

2. Replacement of wearing parts of sand impeller:clean up internal impeller and flow chamber then removed a fixed block SHCS wear, remove abrasion wear of blocks, loosen the screws,take off abrasion wear plate board, working hand hammer blows hub upstream channel plate to the direction of impeller, remove the upper impeller channel plate in middle, and indecent channel plate removed in accordance with the same method. When installing a flow plate first mounting weighed, the weight is equal to a group into the impeller in order to maintain balance. The same method to install the wear blocks. Shock Blocks, wear plates, wear blocks, equal to the weight on the downstream channel plate in order to ensure balanced impeller operation.

3. Impeller balance correction: before correction of all the assembly, the impeller wearing parts have to be removed,make a special wear-leveling shaft cross the center hole,make a horizontal bracket to put a leveling impeller shaft placed on top, leveling shaft bearing and shaft boxes at both ends to make it flexible operation. Under normal circumstances after correcting twice and many times on the impeller rotation until the impeller is not in the same position each time stops, the correction work end.

4. Sand impeller and cover assembly: each set of wearing parts by weight of the same assembly fixed to the correction of qualified and with screws on the impeller, the impeller is mounted on the bearing shaft of sand making machine, Cone put positive riving with hex screw fastening, center hanger in place and secure with screws. Use sealing rubber strip fixed the binding site of the cover and the body, the sand making machine(namely vertical shaft stone crusher) cover back in place and secured with screws, close observation door, together the impeller and cover. http://www.infostonecrusher.com


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