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Application notice of Impact crusher
My company produces crusher in the production process and materials selection, have reached the international advanced level. Its use of imported high chrome plate hammer, Structural unique back liner from each design details related components to maximize equipment life and ensure that equipment can continue normal production. This equipment is widely used in cement, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and other industries in a variety of materials, broken, particularly for the production highways, railways, nuclear power plants, water conservancy and other industries use special construction aggregate, such as basalt, andesite, river gravel, crushed granite and other materials.

In the use of impact crusher, common problems encountered and should pay attention to the following four:

  First, the impact crusher vibrating exception:

  1, indicating that the material is too large, you can check the size of the feed.

  2, uneven wear, indicating the hammer back to be replaced.

  3, rotor imbalance, need to be adjusted.

  4, basic mishandling, need to check for loose bolts and reinforcement.


Second, the impact crusher bearing heating:

  1, indicating the bearing oil, the need for timely refueling, of course, also cause excessive bearing heating fuel, refueling, be sure to check the oil level.

  2, bearing damage, to promptly replace the bearings.

  3, cover tight, you want to adjust the bolts, elastic moderately appropriate.


Third, the crusher discharge size is too large:

  1, indicating hammer wear, the need to adjust idle hammer or replacement,

  2, the hammer and the back plate of the gap is too large, the general adjustment of 15-20mm.

  3, feed particle size is too large will also affect the particle size.


Fourth, Crusher Belt Flip:

  1, indicating belt wear, replace the belt.

  2, since the transport belt assembly problems may exist, the need to adjust pulley on the same plane.

  3, must pay attention to the quality of the belt itself.

  Just note the above circumstances, the aircraft either from life or from the production capacity can be greatly improved. http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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