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Crusher machine system standard programming

Standard parts of the national standard size of some of the parameters can have some range, but they have a series of strict criteria, such as the length of the series, modulus of series, etc.. Crusher intelligent systems based on the division of the standard parts, the preparation of the corresponding program for each category, the workflow of the program and remote workflow efficient crushing machine according to the description of the front universal efficient crusher work processes, are able to prepare a standard efficient crusher program.
Therefore, the critical dimensions of the user input parameters need to becheck if you do not meet the national standard series of provisions, beyond the range of parameters, the program prompts the user to change or not, the user can select the standardized parameter, you can also choose to maintain the change the parameters are unchanged. Parameter input, the system provides a standard length of each model series, the modulus series, the user can click on the Standard Series View. Finally, the parameters passed to the Pro / ENGIGNEER system to complete the auto-modeling capabilities.
Forming efficient crusher, special pieces efficient crusher base design of high-crusher. Standards and provisions of the model, not by selecting the component model, as a database query, auto parts corresponding parameter values in the database. The system can only accept input from the interface parameters, and then the main parameters based on user input to update the physical model. Be added for forming the lining of milling in order to expand the scope of use of the crusher,
Whether it is efficient crusher base or liner, the user can choose between different forms but the interface of the same variety of parts to update the model by entering parameters. Generated with special pieces and efficient crusher, users need parts, you can click on the Finite Element Analysis button. The parts will be transferred to ANSYS software for finite element analysis.Vipeak stone crusher website:http://www.infostonecrusher.com/

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