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Foundry sand choose vipeak new type stone crusher

  In industry, sand as a raw material for construction of the sand, which is usually fine processing operation to go through in order to be shaped into a standard sand casting, and then we will use the sand shaping apparatus - stone crusher.

  Vipeak Heavy mineral processing equipment as the focus on the production of business leaders, and the production of its recommendation stone crusher equipment, is currently the world's most advanced system of sand and stone shaping best processing equipment, now Vipeak editors will lead everyone together to understand the following aspects relating stone crusher common sense.

  Vipeak heavy industry recommended the stone crusher equipment, one is called the new VSI sand making machine equipment, the equipment is the introduction of foreign advanced design concept, using the "stone hit stone"  "stone blacksmith" of crusher principle, while being able to achieve a variety of feed Dosing compatibility purposes, 'central feeding' and 'falls down into the annular feed' combination, as far as possible to achieve different field, different production demands machining mode, to solved the difficult problem of the broad masses of manufacturers of live.

  Vipeak heavy stone crusher of new production equipment, strong practicability, uses a wide range, can realize the artificial sand and gravel material, plastic, corrosion of several kinds of operating purposes, and the whole of the processing effect is good, the handling capacity large, less dust, efficient and environmentally friendly, is the industry's choice foundry sand processing equipment of choice.

  In addition, stone crusher equipment adopts international advanced, thin oil lubrication pump station device, lubrication and maintenance more convenient, double oil pump complementary to ensure oil supply, automatic stop when no oil, no oil pressure; fluid cooling and heating devices to ensure bearing lubrication is always in the best condition,thus completely solve bearing heating and other issues,keep the spindle bearing temperature, prolong maintenance cycle and service life. By using this machine cast by sea sand, gravel of wear parts are very small, and use more abiding.


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