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Mines tailings disposal precautions-Vipeak Stone Crusher Manufacture
   Sand pumping stations (especially high-pressure sand pumping station) should be set up the necessary monitoring instruments, displacement of the sand pumping station should be located overpressure protection device. High hydrostatic pressure of the pumping station should be set in the sand pump check valve after the safety valve or water hammer.
   Accident tailings pond should be cleaned regularly, and keep adequate storage capacity. Accident shall be arbitrarily efflux tailings overflow, and where temporary efflux should be approved by relevant departments.
 Indirect or remote serial series tailings conveyor system directly on the check valve and other safety devices should be inspected regularly and maintained to ensure good and effective.
   Ore pulp warehouse to warehouse at the grille and set the water level indicating device within the set, should always be washed clean and maintain.
 Tailings pipeline, tank, ditch, channel, hole, should be fixed hand placement inspection and maintenance visits to prevent siltation, clogging, burst pipes, spray, leakage, collapse and other accidents; that the accident should be in time for emissions of the pulp should be properly handled.
   Metal pipe wall thickness should be checked regularly and maintained to prevent leakage of mine accidents.
   Cold regions should strengthen the control, gate, valve maintenance and management measures for the cement mill to freezing.http://www.infostonecrusher.com
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