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New technology fills the six advantages stone crusher liner
    After the stone crusher liner according to the various defects, after careful analysis and research, bold reform and innovation, for the simple, safe, environmental protection, strength and hardness filling, pouring easy flow, easy removal, etc., to explore a replace the high-temperature and room temperature, high-grade zinc alloy cone crusher cement mortar lining, as new ways of filling - at room temperature epoxy filler (rubber lined back). Since the adoption of new filling technology has achieved good results, mainly in the following areas:
1, simple technique using epoxy adhesive only to be cast body contact surface rust, grease, dust handling clean, epoxy resin (solvent-free) E-51, low molecular weight polyamide resin and other chemical substances 650 added by a certain percentage in order to add and stir, stir well before pouring directly into the hole can be, 24h after solidification can be put into use. This operation is no specific temperature limits, can be at any time.
2, zero-risk factor, zero-pollution technology epoxy chemicals used in the mixing process non-irritating gas overflow, zinc alloy to eliminate the high-temperature heat back into the atmosphere or toxic gas generated by mixing high-grade cement dust , safety and environmental protection.
3, reduce the cost of epoxy resin (solvent-free) E-51, low molecular weight polyamide resin, etc. are 650 common chemicals on the market, low prices. At the same time is no longer required in the filling process heating and other operating procedures, coke and energy saving resources, greatly reducing costs.
4, liner removal and easy replacement of old during the operation, just to replace the liner cut with a gas welding, the resin will be used to block off naturally due to heat, because there will be no bond, leading to difficult to remove the rough surface problem.
5, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of the use of epoxy fill technology jobs, only 1 to 2 employees, time-saving, simple and quick. Pouring from the mixing to be completed only 1h, to meet the technical performance of the filler, while labor intensity has also been effectively reduced.
6, the use of high quality casting to bring the most obvious effect is to improve the quality of spare parts assembly, clean cut, the surface accuracy. Because it is at room temperature for casting, solidification, porosity defects decreased significantly improved casting quality.
     Assembly-line production system is usually broken line, when one device is damaged and forced to stop production, the entire system must be broken to stop normal operation. Stone Crusher broken system as the main equipment, replacement or adjustment activities cone ring for relatively longer, new filler stone crusher will reduce the maintenance workload for the enterprise, reduce labor intensity, followed would bring very considerable economic efficiency, energy saving and improve safety in the performance of great significance.http://www.infostonecrusher.com
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