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Principle of sand making machine, Pebble sand making machine manufacturer
    Pebble introduction and usage:
Pebble is some of the rocks after long-term water erosion, handling, and sand buried formed hard stone which edge unique cobble shape, is a natural formation pebbles, often as landscape stone. In addition, some bad shapes cobble used to making building sand. Our country drainage developed, the distribution of pebble is widely, especially in the southern area and the Yangtze River basin, coastal areas, zhujiang river as a representative. Pebble is the quality of building fine aggregate materials.
    Pebble sand making machine principle:
Putting the material enter to the Sand Maker, through the sub-feeder is divided into two parts, a part from the intermediate into the rejection disc part another falling away from the shore forming material curtain, into the rejection disc material by the centrifugal force, speed of 60 meters per second impact to the material curtain, on the interaction between materials broken, then impact the impact plate to broken again, so broken material formed sand, and then after screening is the finished sand material.
    Pebble sand making process:
The material with stone crusher for coarse broken, the coarse material by the conveyor transported to the cone crusher for fine broken, fine grinding after the stone after vibrating screen, the stones which meet sand machine feed specifications will go to cobble sand making machine, not satisfy is again enter to the cone crusher for fine grinding, screening, sand making, after sand washing machine, choose out the finished product.
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