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Impact crusher ore crushing and grinding purposes

    Impact crusher ore crushing and grinding the purpose of mining ore blocks mined to a great degree. Open-pit mining is currently the largest block of ore out of the degree of 500-1500 mm; underground mining of ore blocks the maximum degree of 300 to 600 mm. This fragmentation of the ore can not be selected points, because of the useful minerals and gangue minerals in close symbiosis. To be able to ore gangue minerals points out, and the various useful minerals separated from each other, we must first make it to the separation of monomer size. Impact Crusher selected sub-process particle size required depends Diao: useful fossil ore and gangue minerals disseminated size. The more fine particle size minerals disseminated, its size should be more fine crushing, or useful minerals and gangue minerals can not achieve separation of monomer size, thus affecting the quality of selected points. Therefore, the crushing (grinding) is a mineral selected points must be prepared before the operation.
 However, in production practice, does not require fine ore crushing survived better.

Because, first, survived fine ore crushing, power consumption and wear and tear on the more material, processing cost is increased. Second, the broken ore was too small to generate a large number of fine mud is bound to form a so-called off pieces. More difficult to choose this fine mud, Impact Crusher influence the election process for sub-, sub-options to reduce the effect. Therefore, properly selected points decision before fragmentation size, it works technically and economically reasonable.Aticle from:http://www.infostonecrusher.com

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